The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (BBIN宝盈平台) is governed by a 17-member 校董会 consisting of 13 appointed voting members and four positional non-voting members. The members, specified in the BBIN宝盈平台 Law, include:

  • Three representatives of the scientific community in Illinois, appointed by the Governor
  • Three representatives of the Illinois private industrial sector, appointed by the Governor
  • Two representatives of the general public at large, appointed by the Governor
  • Two representatives of Higher Education, one of whom must be a Dean of Education, appointed by the Executive Director of the Illinois Board of Higher Education
  • Three representatives of Secondary Education, one of whom must be a mathematics or science teacher, appointed by the State Superintendent of Education
  • Four ex-officio non-voting members: the State Superintendent of Education, the Executive Director of the Illinois Community 大学 Board, the Executive Director of the Board of Higher Education, and the Superintendent of Schools in the school district in which BBIN宝盈平台 is located.

BBIN宝盈平台 受托人 focus on strategic direction and policy, not day-to-day operations. The Board selects and evaluates the BBIN宝盈平台 President who is the chief executive officer of the Academy and the chief administrative officer of the Board, responsible for all the administrative functions, duties and needs of the Board.

Beyond their responsibilities specified in the BBIN宝盈平台 Law and in BBIN宝盈平台 Board 政策, 受托人 advance and support the Academy in other ways, 例如, as guest speakers for special events, members of the Strategic Planning Team, expert resources on particular issues, ambassadors for BBIN宝盈平台 in their respective networks, and donors to the BBIN宝盈平台 Fund for Advancement Education.

Board members may be contacted by sending correspondence to the individual, c/o Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, 苏立文道1500号, 极光, IL 60506.


The full Board meets approximately six times a yearBoard of Trustee Regular and Executive Committee FY21 会议日期

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The BBIN宝盈平台 校董会 Meeting agendas and meeting minutes are available to the public on the 董事会文档 网站.


BBIN宝盈平台’s 内阁 in conjunction with Dr. 格雷泽, directs BBIN宝盈平台’s mission and vision. As the executive leadership team for the Academy, they ensure that BBIN宝盈平台 achieves its goals for each year and that faculty and staff have the tools necessary to perform at the highest level.